Gaming background:

I started playing D&D in 1974; that was my freshman year in college, and I hooked up with a guy I’d known in high school (I commuted to college, in the same town I went to HS in) who was running a gaming group out of his basement. I was gaming with them all through college, and about the same time I left Dayton for Findlay, I stopped going.

Actually, I was going off with those guys to gaming cons from the beginning, but I didn’t start going to SF cons until 1977 *after* moved to Findlay. The gaming cons were not that far away in Ohio or Michigan, and my Dad (who I lived with) could deal with that, but he kept a really tight grip on where-are-you-going and money. He died about the same time I graduated from college (a few months before) and with him went a lot of the controls I had on travel, money, wearing a beard, etc.

I started a gaming group in Findlay, and was doing stuff with them weekly (and through law school) until I got married and moved to Chicago. Then I started gaming in Chicago – which continued until I moved to Milwaukee for a couple of years, and resumed when Deirdre and I broke up and I came back to Chicago.

So a timeline:
1974-1977 – Dayton – RPGs and board wargames
1977-1983 – Findlay – ditto
1983-1988 – Chicago – ditto
1988-1991 – Milwaukee – dead air
1991-1994 – Chicago – RPG and board wargames
1994 – present – dead air – moving to the suburbs and time crunches killed things off.

I’d love to get things going again. Some of my old gaming buddies in the city want to do things, but they’re not hot about the distance, and I have to schedule stuff around the family, etc. I also need to have the time to set things up to GM again; lots of ideas, need time to work out the details on the story, etc.

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