We have had several projects around the house that are beyond our skills to fix or repair (especially with me off my feet) but the two most important ones were Susan’s office floor and the Basement Bathroom.

Susan’s office is kind of a long-ago-back-porch-converted-into-a -sun room, with a great view of our verdant backyard.  Lots of window space.  However, the project was never very well handled in the first place – the insulation was very lacking, and the floor was a fright.  It would be highly affected by outside temperatures – hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and transfer a lot of that to the rest of the house.

Susan liked the view and the sunshine, and put her office there.  And it was the main way out of the house to the back yard, so the dogs have used it as a place to Hang Out With Mommy, sun themselves, hide from the rain, and go in and out to do their business outside. And sometimes, do their business inside because they were unwilling to go outside in the rain, etc.

This was made much more of a problem by two things – Susan put in a wall-to-wall carpet in there (from a relation for free) to have a softer, warmer surface to rest her feet on, and the decrepitude of Dot, our diabetic, enfeebled, blind dog who was having all sorts of incontinence problems.  (She looks about twice her age, according to outsiders.)  The carpet soaked up the *um* mistakes, and got VERY gross no matter what Susan did.

In the basement, the contractors who redid our basement several years ago did a terrible job, and the water leaks from the toilet and the shower caused the floor tile to shatter, and problems with mold and whatnot.  Again, a horrible mess that was getting worse all the time.

Part of what held things back was – well, trying to find a good, honest contractor.  We think we found one about a month ago, and made arrangements for him to do the floor of the office and a general bathroom rehab, and for the last week-plus, they’ve been making a fearful racket and indescribable smells as they were working.

Since I work at home in my basement office, the bathroom rehab was a major annoyance – the noise, the workers’ radio blaring Mexican music, lots of echoed chatter, and so on.  I had to make a lot of trips upstairs for the john, and finally broke down and and used the old upstairs bathtub and shower when I couldn’t take it any longer.  (I have terrible balance, and trying to one-foot the tub, and the shower/tub area is small and narrow for me, and I was terrified of falling and hurting myself.)

And the racket made concentrating hard.  I like my office cool, dark and quiet.  (NOTE:  I tend to like home to be peaceful, comfortable, and I really do not care for change for change’s sake.  Give me something that works well, and I’m happy as a clam.)

Today, they’re supposed to be done with the finishing touches on the shower; the rehab on Susan’s floor took more time than they expected  because of the seriously-WTF way that it was held down by a kajillion small screws.  With the new tile she has in there, it looks kind of like the inside of a beach house.

What I’ve seen of the rehabbed bathroom looks nicer than what we had, by far.  And me, I’ll just be happy to use the shower again!

NOTE:  To avoid problems, we had Mere dog-wrangle during the day to keep them from annoying or getting in the way of the workmen.  She did a wonderful job!


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